COSC-211: Data Structures

Spring 2018

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***This schedule may be updated. Please check back often for the latest version.***
Week of
1/28/19 Classes, Stacks
  Weds: (filled-in version)
    Classes review
HW 1: Practice with Classes (due Tues. 2/5, 11:59pm)
2/4/19 Vectors, Stacks, and Queues
    Java Vector API
HW 2: Stacks, Queues, and Pancakes (UPDATE: Section 2.1 due Weds. 2/20, 11:59pm, Section 2.2 due Mon. 2/25, 11:59pm)
2/11/19 Asymptotic analysis, Big-O notation
HW 3: Asymptotic Analysis (due Fri. 2/22 in class) (Solutions)
2/18/19 Priority queues
    Midterm 1 study guide
    Midterm 1 sample questions
2/25/19 More on heaps, starting linked lists, MIDTERM (Fri. 3/1)
    What Am I?
HW 4: Priority Queues (due Fri. 3/8, 5:00pm)
3/4/19 Linked lists
3/18/19 Binary Search Trees
    Dictionary animation
    BST runtime analysis
HW 5: Binary Search Trees (updated 3/26) (due Fri. 3/29, 11:59pm)
3/25/19 Hash tables
    Midterm 2 study guide
    Midterm 2 sample questions
4/1/19 Balanced binary search trees, MIDTERM (Fri. 4/5) HW 6: Scrabble Helper (due Thurs. 4/11, 11:59pm)
4/8/19 Splay trees, starting Union-find
HW 7: Maze Generation (due Sun. 4/21, 11:59pm)
4/15/19 Graphs
HW 8: Maze Solving (due Mon. 4/29, 11:59pm)
4/22/19 Graphs continued
    Recursive DFS (not handed out in class)
4/29/19 Shortest paths
    Dijkstra's algorithm example
    Cole's slides
    Final exam study guide (not handed out in class)
    Final exam sample questions (not handed out in class)
5/6/19 Snow day makeup day
    Final exam review