COSC-111: Introduction to Computer Science I

Spring 2020

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***This schedule will be updated regularly. Please check back often for the latest version.***
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Related Readings
1/27/20 Keyboard input/output, Strings, ints and doubles
Lab 1 (due Thurs. 2/6, 11:59pm)
S&W page 1 and Section 1.1
    - note that we will run our programs a bit differently, using IntelliJ (we'll see how to do this in Friday's lab)
    - skip the "Input and Output" section, we will get to this, but again do it a bit differently
McGeoch start of Chapter 2, 2.3-2.5, 2.9-2.10
2/3/20 Casting
Lab 2 (due Thurs. 2/13, 11:59pm)
    Error files
S&W 1.2 (note that we haven't covered everything in this section in class)
McGeoch 2.2, 2-6-2.7
2/10/20 Conditionals, boolean expressions
    Reserved Words
    Practice with if statements
    Practice with if/else (solutions)
Lab 3 (due Thurs. 2/20, 11:59pm) S&W 1.3 (just the very first part of the section, on if statements)
McGeoch 2.8, 3 (the whole chapter!)
Some good practice exercises: S&W 1.3.1, 1.3.3, 1.3.4
2/17/20 Iteration
    Practice with while loops
    More practice with while loops
Lab 4 (due Thurs. 2/27, 11:59pm)
S&W 1.3, seconds on while loops, for loops, and nesting. The "applications" section has some more examples. You can skip the "other conditional and loop constructs" section. The Q&A at the end of the chapter is also useful.
McGeoch 4
Some good practice exercises: S&W 1.3.8, 1.3.9, 1.3.13, 1.3.14,, 1.3.16, 1.3.29, 1.3.30
2/24/20 Methods
    Practice with method headers (solutions)
    Midterm study guide and sample exam (not handed out in class)
S&W 2.1 (don't worry about the discussion of the word static, and note that we haven't covered arrays yet so you can skip the examples involving arrays for now)
McGeoch 5.1-5.2 (again, don't worry about the distinction between static and instance methods), 6, 7
Some good practice exercises: 2.1.2, 2.1.5, 2.1.7, 2.1.8, 2.1.12, 2.1.13
3/2/20 Arrays
3/9/20 Review and MIDTERM (Weds. 3/11)
3/23/20 Searching and sorting, recursion
3/30/20 Recursion
4/6/20 2-dimensional arrays, Objects, Java API
4/9/18 Review and MIDTERM (Weds. 4/15)
4/20/20 More with objects and classes
4/27/20 TBD