COSC-223: Probability and Computing

Spring 2019

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***This schedule may be updated. Please check back often for the latest version.***
Week of
1/28/19 Probability on events HW0: Math background (due Fri. 2/1 in class)
HW1 (out Fri. 2/1, due Fri. 2/8 in class)
2/4/19 Discrete RVs HW2 (out Fri. 2/8, due Fri. 2/15 in class)
2/11/19 More on discrete RVs HW3 (out Fri. 2/15, due Fri. 2/22 in clas)
2/18/19 Variance and higher moments, simulation, introduction to caching
2/25/19 DTMCs, MIDTERM (likely Fri. 3/1)
3/4/19 Continuous RVs
3/18/19 More on continuous RVs, introduction to queueing
3/25/19 Poisson process and CTMCs
4/1/19 More on CTMCs
4/8/19 Introduction to randomized algorithms
4/15/19 Randomized algorithms and tail bounds, MIDTERM (likely Fri. 4/19)
4/22/19 TBA
4/29/19 Project presentations